Monday, June 4, 2012

Catching Up...

So yeah, it's been a while since I have posted anything.  I apologize for that. 

Shortly after my last post, I broke my foot and was in a walking boot for 7 weeks.  So not fun!  I think the post about the old lady shoes jinxed me or something.  How did I break my foot you ask?  Well, I was using the wand on my vacuum cleaner and while it was stretched out, the rest of the vacuum tipped over and landed on top of my foot.  Apparently it hit just right and caused a tiny fracture (and I mean tiny...the x-rays had to be blown up huge to see it) in what I guess would be the bone of my 4th toe.  It didn't hurt that much when it fell, but after 2 weeks of walking on it, I figured I should have it checked out. So that was my first experience with a walking boot. Hope it is my last!  But at least I got it off before summer because I can't imagine walking around with that thing on in 90 degree weather. *Shudders*

This post is just to let you all know I am still alive even though I haven't posted in about 5 months.  =)  I have been taking lots of pictures & have a list of things to blog about, it's just having the self-control to make myself sit down and write them out.  I've decided to just upload some pictures for now as a teaser for all the posts to come.  Enjoy and be on the look-out for my new projects!  Thanks!