Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So much for the goals....

So, I've already failed at one of my goals...okay, maybe more.

I have not written a post every week - much less an inspirational post.  I've kinda had some things going on in my world that have taken up some of my extra time.  I am in no way complaining about these things...just trying to learn how to add them and still keep things going smoothly.

That being said, I thought I'd do something I saw on one of my sister-in-law's blogs "It's Cool to be Quirky."  She has more than one blog to clarify; I only have one sister-in-law.  She numbered them b/c she's a little OCD and I feel the need to do the same.  So anywho, here it goes....All About Amy!

1. I am the 2nd of two children...everyone loves the baby!  =)
2. My older brother, Justin, is married and has 3 kids.
3.  It makes me laugh that my brother has 3 kids b/c he would always complain about how loud they were in church.
4. My oldest nephew calls me Ahhmy (like say Ahh)and I absolutely love it!
5. My niece is amazingly talented and I wish I was as confident as she is at her age...heck, even now!
6. My youngest nephew is too cute for words and has changed they way I view the world. If you can't tell, I love my babies!
7.I love all things ladybug!  My kitchen is decorated in them!
8. I went to college in Chattanooga, TN and I loved it!  Sometimes wish I would've stayed there after graduating.
9. I have a degree in Human Ecology, with a concentration in Interior Design
10.  I was a kitchen & bath designer for almost 3 years and I LOVED it!
11. I have more creative solutions when I have restrictions...probably why I was an awesome cabinet designer!
12. I do not enjoy designing residential living areas for people - there are way too many fabrics to choose from!
13. I do not like to shop for clothes and am horrible at putting an outfit together.  I buy what is on the mannequin or stick to my basic blacks.
14. I do however, like to shop for things for my house.
15. Ikea is the happiest place on Earth for me!
16. I love to travel and can't wait to do it more often.
17. My bucket list includes a tour of castles in Europe and the Winchester Mansion in CA.
18. I am cold all of the time - unless I am sweating in my yard.
19. Two years ago I was forced into taking care of my yard (mowing and GASP! weed eating).  I have never cussed so much in my life.  It was hard for me to understand how we could put people on the moon, but nobody could come up with something better than a pull-start on a push mower.  I got over it....eventually.
20. I now secretly enjoy mowing my grass and actually purchased my first trimmer last summer.  It's pretty cool and only weighs about 7 lbs.  =)
21. I also am really into flower gardening now.  My back yard is just a blank canvas waiting for me to create something.
22. I don't really like being outdoors all that much, but I do love the beach. It's probably my favorite place to be!
23. The mountains would be my 2nd favorite place to be.
24. Spring is my favorite time of year...I love to see all the flowers blooming and the weather getting warmer.
25. Fall is my next favorite.  I love watching the leaves change colors. It seems like the last few years I've been shortchanged.
26. I was married for 5 years and am recently divorced.  Not something I ever saw coming when I imagined my life, but I have survived and am a stronger person for it.
27. I have learned by going through my divorce that I have the most amazing God, family, friends, and church family anyone could ever ask for.  I honestly do not know how people survive divorce without God, even though he doesn't like it.  He will not leave you!
28. I bought a house with my ex-husband almost 3 years ago and we spent 3 months renovating it.  It is now absolutely perfect and a true reflection of me.  It even has a white picket fence!  I love it and I'm only leaving it on my terms and when I'm darn good and ready!
29. I have a cat named Kitty.  She came into my life January 1, 2006.  When I first got her, I was very unsure and even asked how long cats lived so I knew how long to be burdened.  She's now my favorite and I don't know what I would do without her.  She would cuddle with me and lick my hand when I would be in tears during my separation.
30. Kitty does puke a lot, which is the one thing I could really do without.
31. My hobbies include reading, crafting and baking sweet stuff!
32. I would love to make things for other people for a living.  That would be the best.
33. When I was little I wanted to be a mail man when I grew up.
34. While I love kitchen & bath design, it's been a hard 2 years finding another job that lets me do that.  Sometimes I think I might have to pick a different profession and that makes me sad.
35. Some days I think I might want to go back to school to become a sign language interpreter.  It fascinates me and I would love to work in a school doing that.
36. I was a substitute teacher for a few months and loved it!  If it paid a bit more, I would do it permanently.
37. This is the first year (since 2008) that I feel like I have my life back together and am actually looking forward to the future.  I am making plans ya'll!
38. I got my first cell phone with a full keyboard last year at the age of 28.  I didn't start texting until 2009.  I'm so old school!
39. In 2010, I ate at Toot's and Hooter's for the first time in my life.  Hooter's I can do without, but Toot's has become a monthly eating place with my family.  Fried pickles are the best!
40.  I lived in the same house from the day I was born until the day I got married....almost 23 years.  I did live in the dorms in Chattanooga while I was at school, but always came home to Rockvale.

Alright, that's about enough for now.  It was hard coming up with 40 things.  Let me think for 6 more months and maybe I can come up with 40 more!  Thanks for reading and I am going to try and do better with this!  I want to start posting some of my projects and designs I've done in the past, so hang in there with me for a while.  Thanks!

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