Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Church Nursery Update

Last year I was asked to freshen up our church nursery.  It still had the same decor from when the new building was built back in 1989.  Not so new anymore.

It was a lot of fun, but also a big challenge to do a gener-neutral nursery theme.  I didn't want to go real girly or too boyish since both would be using the space.  I also wanted to make sure the design and colors were classic enough to still look good in 20 years.  Okay, hopefully it won't be that long before the space is updated again, but even if it isn't, I think it'll still be beautiful. I also wanted a calming, restful space so upset babies (and sometimes moms) could relax.

My mom and I were on a fabric shopping trip and came across the super cute fabric.  It was a perfect neutral with pink, blue and green accents.  This was my jumping off point and it all just fell into place from there! 
My mom made the bumper pads and window treatments from that fabric.  We bought an inexpensive neutral for the dust ruffle and picked out coordinating ribbons that she then sewed into place.  We painted the walls and the church replaced the carpet.  I am very pleased with the results.

Here are some of the pictures of the transformation.

Before Pictures.  This is after we had already taken down the wall paper and border

This is after painting the walls.  We used Light Khaki above the chair rail and Malibu Dune below.  These are Valspar paints from Lowe's Seaside Retreat collection.  I love these colors with the woodwork!

Close up of the ribbon detail on the dust ruffle.

This is what the crib looks like with all the bedding in place.  The cute little brown pillows came from Target.

And the final product

Still looking for the perfect artwork to go above the changing table, but otherwise completed. 

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