Thursday, May 26, 2011

Amy's House (You Sarah's House on HGTV? No? Nevermind.)

In March of 2008,  I bought a house.

(Don't mind the lady going into my house...she was my Realtor)

Now, if you know anything about me (or my mother), we can't just buy something and be done with it.  When I buy something, whether it be a picture frame, wall art, or even my house, odds are that I'm going to have to modify it in some way so that it's exactly what I want.  I could probably name off 10 to 15 items in my house that I've actually purchased and not done anything to.  That's not a whole lot!  So anywho, my house was the same way.  I looked at many, many houses and for some reason I kept going back to this one...the one that smelled of animal urine, was covered in dog hair, wallpaper and had so many brass fixtures it looked like royalty lived there.  Oh, but I could see the potential!  I loved the white picket fence first off...thought the screen on the front door was old fashioned and the fireplace mantle...well, just see for yourself.

But I knew it could be so pretty with a lot of work and probably just as much money!  =)  It took three long months of scraping, painting, cleaning and laying floors, after work and on weekends, but with the help of my amazing mom and a few others, it was transformed into my home!  It's truly me and I love just about everything about it.  There are still a few projects to tackle like my barren back yard and my dated kitchen, but it's impossible for me to have a life without projects.

So, my next few posts will be before and afters of each room and some details about what all went into making them look so fab!  I can't wait to share these with everyone and I hope they inspire you to do a few projects of your own.  If not, well, hopefully you like the pictures.  =)  

I will leave you with these words....spray paint is your friend!  

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