Thursday, June 23, 2011

Okay, so yeah, I got a new job...

YAY!  I know!  As many of you know, I was let go from my kitchen and bath design position back in 2008.  Since then I have applied to I don't know how many design jobs just trying to get back in.  I was being picky b/c I didn't want to drive 45 minutes to get to work.  I worked as a substitute teacher until school let out in 2009 and then that's when things in my life kinda fell apart.  I took the first job I could find, not knowing how I was going to support myself after the ex-husband left.  It was a part-time warehouse/office position at a local company here in town.  I was so thankful to have actually gotten a call back from someone that I jumped at the opportunity.  I soon learned that my boss was less than professional and that I had to do a lot of gross work in a warehouse.  But God was still teaching me my lesson, so I ate my humble pie and did the work.  Within a short amount of time I was "promoted" to Office Manager and I've been there for a little over 2 years now.  It blows my mind that it has been that long.  Where did the time go?

I had learned a lot of new skills at this job, such as keeping books, keeping up with inventory, web design and lots of other random things.  But nothing could fill that longing I had to design cabinets.  So every so often  I would wander over to the job websites looking for a K&B job.  In the last few months several jobs began to pop up and I was getting excited that the economy was back in a place where people were spending money fixing up their houses.  I applied for a few but didn't get any replies.  I was bummed for sure. Things in my life were finally on the upswing, but going to this job every day just kept wearing me down. Started to hate it more and more.

Then one day, God decided that it was my turn.  Back at my old cabinet job, I worked with a nice man named Joseph.  We worked together for about a year or so.  So just last week, I received a message from him on Facebook.   It said something like, "Hey Amy.  Are you still in design?  I started a new cabinet business and I want to discuss it with you."  I think I cried.  I know my stomach went up into my throat and my hear was beating a mile a minute.  Here I was searching and searching and God put this job right in my lap (or inbox)!  He is truly amazing and if you are patient enough, God will answer your prayers in due time.  I have to constantly remind myself that it's in His time and not my own.  So don't lose your patience with God...he will reward you!

So of course I accepted this job and told my current boss I'd be leaving last Thursday.  He was non too pleased and has kinda been mean to me every day since.  But I'm okay with that b/c soon I will be doing what I love again!  I start my new job on July 6th and I can't wait!  

Some of the skills I will need in addition to designing I actually learned at my current job...and I had to laugh at that.  I love it when God opens your eyes and allows you to see His master plan unfold.  He knew I needed to get myself together and learn to appreciate what I had before.  I had taken it all for granted and now I know better.  God gave me my current job to make me realize just how much passion I had for design and He allowed me to learn skills that I would use in my next job.  I'm so thankful he let me see the full circle of events...sometimes I just wish He would give us a sneak peek so that we don't feel so desperate sometimes. But again, it's in His time and not our own.  Patience - we all need it!

In honor of my new position, I'm going to post some pics of spaces I designed at my old cabinet job.  Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love these! Once Luke and I are able to build our dream house I'll definitely be calling you! I'm trying to talk him into a pink vintage kitchen, but I don't see that happening.