Friday, August 19, 2011

Crazy Times!

"No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it's only a question of degree." W. C. Fields

For some reason, this quote made me laugh today.  Usually I would be offended, but today I just decided to embrace it and go with it.  Haha!  I guess everyone is a little crazy and that's what makes us all so fun and different. Although I think crazy is the last word my friends would use to describe me. And I'm totally okay with that.

But anyway, things have been a little crazy lately.  I haven't posted the before and afters of my house yet because while writing, I realized that I don't really having any official "after" pictures!  I have taken some, but I've changed things since they were taken so they don't to me any good.  So my house is clean right now and I plan on taking some "current" pictures this weekend.  I know y'all are just DYING to see them! =)

Besides the usual craziness of working, keeping a house clean, maintaining a lawn and spending time with family and friends....I decided to throw a few more things in the mix.  When will I learn?!  =)  So my friend Bekah over at On Walnut Grove invited me to play Bunco as a sub one night back in February.  She asked me again the next month and since then I've been deemed a "regular."  It's really a lot of fun and even though I didn't know a lot of the ladies we played with, they have welcomed me into their group and we all have a great time.  It's my favorite Thursday night of the month for sure!

This year also marks 10 years since I graduated from high school.  This makes me fee SO old that I can hardly stand it.  I held the position as Senior Class President back then and it's fallen on my shoulders to plan a reunion.  I've got a great team of ladies helping me out and I'm kinda getting excited about it.  We've scheduled it for September 23rd and 24th.  Just a few details to iron out, but things are finally running smoothly.  Here are a few Senior pics from WAAAAY back then. =)

This year also marks 6 years since I graduated from college (Aug 7th).  Here's a pic from back then with my entire Interior Design graduating class!  This was taken after our FINAL presentation...a happy day for all of us!

[L-R: Apryl, Paige, Christie, Me, (can't remember the girl behind me..she wasn't a regular), Bridgette, Nneka, Dusty, Tiffany, Deb and Andrea]
Let's see, so I've covered Bunco and the reunion....I guess that leaves the OTHER thing.  I have a BOYFRIEND!  I can't believe it either.  I'm going to go ahead and blame him now for my lack of blog postings. =)  I started this before I met him and now I spend all my free time talking to him.  Sorry, T!

I know you want to hear the back story, so here it goes.  T (my web name for him 'cause his name starts with a T) and I met each other about 10 or 11 years ago.  We actually dated for a very short time before I met my ex-husband.  No lectures about that please.  =)  Anywho, we lost touch and although we both stayed in the same town I hadn't run into him or anything in the last decade (I hate that I'm old enough to apply that word to my life).

Well, close to Thanksgiving last year I get a message on FB from him.  Just a short note saying hi and mentioning a few things from the past.  It was nice to hear from him b/c I didn't know what had ever happened to him after we broke up.  So I excitedly replied back and we started "chatting" from there.  At first it was very sporadic, only sending 1 or 2 messages every few weeks.  He is an Over the Road truck driver and isn't home very much.  He asked me if I'd like to meet up while he was home during Christmas to just catch up and talk about what we'd been up to the last 10 years.  Unfortunately we didn't get to meet up then because I was going out of town with the family for a week.  So we continued to chat and finally exchanged phone numbers.  We talked and texted and he mentioned he would be home again in February and would I want to meet up then?  I said sure.  We met for dinner on Friday night and I was so super nervous!  I went out and bought a new outfit and everything!  We weren't calling it a date b/c I didn't know if I was ready for that, so we were just going to "hang out."  We ended up hanging out all weekend and he took me to the shooting range for the first time to teach me to shoot.

My target!

So anyway, we officially started dating and have been a couple since around the end of March.  He is a super sweet guy and I am glad to have his company.  Hope you all get the chance to meet him someday.  Sorry for not posting a picture of us...he's not really into having his pictures on the web & to be honest, I don't even have one of us.  Sad, but true.  Til next time!

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