Monday, October 29, 2012

My Home Tour - Part 2

So you came back for part 2?  Super!  We'll start out in the kitchen.  You pretty much saw the whole thing last week in my post about my hidden storage rack.  But in case you missed it, here is my "two-step" kitchen (meaning everything is 2 steps away from anything else).

Next up is the living room.  Let me preface by saying I am OVER the red couches!  I purchased this set back in 2005 and I loved red.  I still really like red, just wished I had picked a neutral color and smothered it in red pillows.  That being said, I'm trying to incorporate some cool blue and brown colors into this space.  The striped pillows & side chair are covered in a fabric that has brown and blue as well as the existing red, gold and green that are already in the room.  It took me forever to find it (almost 2 years) and so this room is currently a work-in-progress room that I mentioned in my first post.

Main corner of the living room.  Everything that is showing up pinkish is actually a tan color.  Something's up with my camera & lighting.  Sorry!

TV viewing area.  This is the poor chair that sat in ugly country blue and peach flamestitch fabric for 2 years (shudders).  Oh, and I bought it that way for $30 at a flea market - it had good bones, see?!

Up next is my guest/crafting room. This room may not look like much to you, but this is one of my favorite rooms.  I enjoy the neutral color palette, but what I like best is that it is filled with family heirlooms and found objects.  It truly is a "hodgepodge" of items.

I know I must explain the lamps!  These are what my family affectionately refers to as the "Naked Lady Lamps" (even though one of them is a male).  They are from my late great-grandmother's house. She passed away in 2010 and from the time I can remember going to her house, she had these lamps.  I couldn't let them go just yet, so now they live in my guest room.  I know that story doesn't make them look any better, but I like them!  If you stay at my house & they freak you out, then you can just sit in the dark.  =)

The couch is a pull-out sleeper because I very rarely have guests.  I didn't want to take up the whole room with a bed that never gets used.  This also leaves the whole floor for me to spread out my various projects and crafts, as well as wrapping gifts.

This side of the room has an old armoire from my bedroom when I was a kid.  My mom and I bought it unfinished & stained it together.  It even has scratches on the top where I sanded it against the grain.  I've learned from then - promise!  There is a TV inside the cabinet as well as more crafting "supplies" in the drawers.  The quilt rack was nabbed from my mom's attic and has some of my great-grandmother's quilts on it.  There is also one made especially for me by my ex-husband's grandmother, Mawmaw.  It's the one with the triangles on the highest rack. 

I found the old architectural millwork in an antique shop in Woodbury, TN.  Love them!  The dried flowers are from an old bouquet and the "antique" picture is of my niece and oldest nephew.  In the corner I'm sure you'll see another project-in-waiting.  It's a 1970's mirrored shelf thing my mom gave me.  It just needs a little love.  I plan to hang it over the sofa bed when I'm finished to display more treasures.

So that's it for today's tour.  I guess the only room left is my master bedroom, but I'll throw in some pictures of my hall, foyer and bathrooms too.  I know you're just DYING  to see them - ha! 

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